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About Us


We are extremely proud of our staff. You will find they are intelligent, helpful, polite and hard working – from the person planning the intricacies of your domestic or international move, to the man who is moving your sofa. We handpick each person because they share our qualities - integrity, attention to detail and a desire to give the very best service. They all undergo continual training, mentoring and development to ensure you, the customer, experience the very best service.


Your Move


Big Fellow Movers offers a full range of professional removals services for your home and business. Moving can be a life changing event. By choosing Big Fellow  Movers as your moving company you can be sure that everything will go according to plan.

Whatever your situation, Big Fellow Movers is a company that has developed a comprehensive choice of moving and storage services to personalise the entire move to suit your needs.

Big Fellow Movers offers Great value for money

Big Fellow Movers offers great value for money and will offer very competitive prices

We can do all or some of your packing for you

We have several packing options to choose from, we can pack all your belongings for you including dismantling furniture or we can just do some of your packing such as breakable or fragile items.


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Your goods will be loaded safely and are fully insured

We are fully covered with 'goods in transit' insurance to protect your property and your goods while moving.

Use Big Yellow Self Storage for all your storage needs

Big Yellow Self Storage is the largest provider of professional home storage services in the UK

In today's moving market, secure storage has an increasingly important role to play. Placing your furniture and goods in Big Yellow Self storage will enable you to move out on time and let your buyers move in and preserve the chain.

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