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Packing options

We have several packing options to choose from, and if you would like help deciding, please do not hesitate to ask.


Full pack – we take care of everything and pack all your belongings whatever they are, including dismantling furniture and reassembling it at the other end. Clothing and linen will be packed in special lay-flat cartons.


Part pack – we only pack your breakable and fragile items, and then carefully unpack them at your new home onto a flat surface.


Special requirements – this is for large, heavy or fragile items or simply items that need particular care. Whether it is a piano, a safe, paintings or something of great sentimental value, we will use our specialist packing techniques and experience to ensure it is safe and secure.

Unpacking options

Full unpack and put-away service – we will work out with you in advance where you want everything to go in your new home. On arrival, our relocation team will carefully unpack and place every item exactly where it is supposed to go.

Full unpack onto flat surfaces – we unpack everything onto flat surfaces so you can then decide where you want it all to go. For example, kitchen items will be unpacked onto work surfaces, china on the dining room table, clothes onto beds etc.

Limited unpack – we will unpack only your fragile items and place them onto flat surfaces.

Self unpack – after unloading all your packed-up belongings into your new home; we leave it to you to unpack them.

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